Saturday, 18 February 2012

No longer long distance. For now.

This week was sorta tough, but sorta fun. Half and half. Only had 3 days work, two of which I have done.

Worked on Valentine's Day, which I didn't mind. I think that if you love someone, there isn't one particular day where you love them more, it's constant, growing but consistently so. If that makes sense. Anyway, work was grand on Tuesday, nothing spectacular happened. Same on Thursday, although that was much more fun. Took the crew out drinking after, and then partied in The Morrison. Rock & Roll eh? 

Had yesterday and today off, and went out with the girls I used to work for last night. Bit of a dramatic night, but we salvaged what we could. 

Today was weird. I wasn't hungover, just tired. So got up, did some shopping, and spent a lot of the day on my own. I thought my boyfriend might come up and see me, but he is sick so he didn't. Which I understand. I was a bit lonely today. Then my housemate came home and that was fun as she had lots of news from the last two days :) 

We got a takeaway, but I wasn't really into it. Then we watched Friends with Benefits, which kinda made me sad, even though it has a happy ending. It made me realise how much I miss my boyfriend, even though he is only an hour away. He has just moved home from the UK after 4 and a half months there. He has been there for over half of the total length of the relationship so far!! My work schedule is hectic at the best of times, and scheduling time together is difficult. 

Have Rod y Gab tomorrow, and then I'm off until Wednesday, so am trying to fit in some time with Martin then. Here's hoping!

Still feeling rather low, so I'm going to sleep now. 


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